Groups and Organizations

Guaranteed Departures

We are proud to be a Partner of Travel Alliance Partners, LLC. Thirty-seven of North America’s premier tour providers have developed joint marketing opportunities. Each is a regional expert with new and unique itineraries. Each Partner operates under the highest standards for business ethics and product quality. Partners purchase products in a profitable fashion and pass the savings on to the consumers.

TAP partners have GUARANTEED the departures of 250 tours thorough out the world. No longer will you have to have to worry about a trip cancelling. If a group falls a little short of their goal, no problem — our partners will guarantee that the tour will operate. See all the tours listed below or request a printed catalog by contacting us.

We are also proud members of National Tour Association, American Bus Association, Tour Colorado, and Visit Denver.

Planning a tour for a group or organization can be a daunting challenge. Our working relationship with hotels, restaurants, attractions and other suppliers enables us to negotiate the best rates and provide the best services for you.

We work with groups that have special interests, such as birding, geology, ghost towns, scenic railroads and historic trains, Native American culture, history, photography, ecology, climate change, NASCAR, quilting, knitting, needlework, and many other pastimes.

We will assist you in putting together your tour plans and provide qualified experts to enhance your experience. Choose your next destination with us, we will take care of the rest.

Thanks for the “red carpet” treatment. Marge and Joyce, CO

The Lewis and Clark trip was life changing. You two are amazing. Janet, CA

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. The special care you gave my clients is impressive. Marsha, CO

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